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Discover our Cold Water Oysters

Fresh all-year-long! Found on Canada's East Cost, we harvest oysters all year round, even far beneath the ice! All those listed below are from Prince Edward Island, Canada and fully traceable from sea to shore. Chat with us on the bottom right of this page, or click any of the oyster names below to open up a contact page and send us your requirements or questions.

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The Cold Water Oyster

A True Slow Food

The Cold Water Oyster is a true slow food. Each one grows to delicate perfection after spending several years enduring the harsh Canadian winters of ice and snow in the Atlantic Ocean. All Cold Water Oysters are known scientifically as C. Virginica oysters. 


Oyster Years

Each rock-hard shell tells a story of each year it lives. Our oysters are at least 4 years old: Far more robust than their peers grown in warm water. Every line counted on the shell is a sign of a winter's beginning and a summer's end.

Embrace and treasure these gems. 


Three Feet Under 

Experience the beautifully plump oyster that has been protected for so many years inside its shell. It has withstood the test of time, built up a tremendous amount of flavour and robustness, and now maintains the same freshness in your fridge as it did when hibernating under three feet of ice. 


Simply put, the Oyster Exchange provides a wide variety of high-value seafood options based on careful quality control and value propositions around the world.  The Oyster Exchange cooperates, grows, farms and ships Cold Water Oysters to growing markets around the world including cities in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.


The Oyster Exchange helps buyers find great quality oyster brands that command attention on restaurant menus, while also bringing a range of professional experiences in fishing, oyster tasting, foreign exchange, branding, exporting and logistics. 


We commonly ship product in 100kg, 300kg, and 500kg batches and can help our clients customize packaging to reduce costs, while still ensuring it is ready for customers wherever they are served or sold. We offer a full range of support in marketing and branding for all of our products. 


Contact us to have a conversation and see what oysters are ready for harvest today.

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